What Are Examples of Items on a Scavenger Hunt List?


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Scavenger hunt item examples include the comics page of a newspaper, a rubber band, a pine cone, a smooth rock and a coin. Other options are items that players take a picture of instead of collecting or experiential items that they cross off the list after performing.

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Items on a scavenger hunt list vary based on the location, the players' ages and the type of scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts that take place near the forest or on a camping trip may have items related to nature, while those that take place in a suburban area could include toys and office supplies. The items should be common in the area so players don't become frustrated due to the difficulty. Walking around the area to determine which items the players could find makes formulating the list easier.

One variation for those in suburban areas is a door-to-door scavenger hunt, where players ask neighbors for an item on the list. The organizer should notify the neighbors beforehand and set a rule that players can't go to their own homes.

A social variation involves players collecting signatures of people who meet certain criteria. For example, if the item is a person wearing shorts, the player should find a person wearing shorts and ask for his signature.

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