What Are Some Examples of Homemade Adult Costumes?


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Some examples of homemade adult costumes are mummy, mime and bat. Other interesting homemade adult costumes include minions, jellyfish, Waldo and Wenda, teenage mutant ninja turtles and Pikachu.

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What Are Some Examples of Homemade Adult Costumes?
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Individuals who want to make the mummy costume can wear a white t-shirt and roll toilet papers around themselves. They can add some red color on the toilet papers to make them look bloody. For the mime costume, individuals need to paint their face white. They can wear a black top or a striped black and white one and a pair of white gloves.

In order to make the bat costume, individuals need a black umbrella, a black outfit and some felt. They need to rip the umbrella apart to make a pair of wings and wear them on their back. They can use the felt to make bat ears which they wear on their head.

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