What Are Some Examples of Funny, Catchy Slogans?

What Are Some Examples of Funny, Catchy Slogans?

Some examples of funny, catchy slogans include KFC's slogan "It's finger-lickin' good," Calvin Klein's famous slogan "Between love and madness lies obsession," and McDonald's slogan "I'm loving it." Catchy slogans remain consistent with the product's branding and contain a memorable tagline.

Canon's creative and catchy slogan "See what we mean" is popular for the brand's EOS camera. The TV series Survivor employed a memorable slogan that read "Outplay. Outwit. Outlast." Johnnie Walker's black label whiskey uses the slogan "If you want to impress someone, put him on your Black List."

Other famous slogans that are catchy are Playstation's slogan "Live in your world. Play in ours" and Disneyland's slogan "The happiest place on earth." Yellow Pages famously encouraged its customers to flip through the book's pages with the slogan "Let your fingers do the walking."

Funny environmental slogans listed on ShoutSlogans.com include "Earth without trees is equal to pizza without cheese" and "Save some water - bathe with the neighbor's daughter!" Other examples include "Turbines! It's a wind-wind solution" and "Keep the Earth clean, it's not Uranus."

Catchy, funny slogans for schools include "Math - divide and conquer" and "Science causes all kinds of reactions." The slogan "5 out of 4 people don't understand fractions" can be seen on many university shirts as well.