What Are Examples of Clean Religious Jokes?


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"God answers knee-mail" is one of many clean religious jokes found on JokesClean.com. Another is a hymn for people over 50: "Precious Lord, Take My Hand, And Help Me Up."

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What Are Examples of Clean Religious Jokes?
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Jokes on JokesClean.com range from one-liners to lengthy jokes. One-liners cover subjects such as cars in the Bible and God being like a TV commercial. Some jokes are in a question-and-answer format; for example: "In Germany, what do they call their pastors?" The answer: "German Shepherds."

Subjects of longer jokes include creation, how to get into Heaven and the Bible through the eyes of a child. A top-10 list details the top 10 reasons Eve was created. Jokes about people in the Bible include Joshua, David, Solomon and Jonah. There are links to jokes about a choir proficiency test and Sunday school lessons.

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