How Do You Evolve Sneasel?


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To evolve Sneasel in "Pokemon" video games, purchase a razor claw, and give it to Sneasel to hold. Level up your Sneasel during the game's night-time while it is holding the razor claw.

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  1. Purchase a razor claw

    Purchase a razor claw for 5000 Pokemon dollars from certain vendor locations in the game, depending on the game version.

  2. Give the razor claw to Sneasel

    Select the Razor Claw, and choose to give it to Sneasel to hold.

  3. Prepare Sneasel for evolution

    Gather enough experience to bring Sneasel close to the next level, but wait to level him up.

  4. Evolve Sneasel into Weavile

    Wait until the game's night-time, make sure Sneasel is still holding the razor claw, then gain enough experience to level up Sneasel.

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