How Do You Evolve Sliggoo?

How Do You Evolve Sliggoo?

Sliggoo evolves into Goodra in the "Pokémon" series of games by leveling it to 50 or a higher while rain is falling in the game. The evolution only takes place during normal rain and cannot be triggered by the rain dance or drizzle abilities.

  1. Level Sliggoo to 49 or higher

    Sliggoo evolves from Goomy at level 40 and requires at least level 50 to evolve into Goodra. You need a level 49 or higher Sliggoo to trigger the evolution process, as the evolution cannot occur prior to this level even with the correct conditions in place. It may occur during any level increase to 50 or beyond.

  2. Locate rain in the overworld

    Any route or region that is currently experiencing rain can trigger the evolution. Scout various areas to find an area that has rain falling, and make sure that you have your Sliggoo in your Pokémon team.

  3. Level up during the rain

    Fight wild Pokémon or trainers using Sliggoo in an area while rain falls to get the experience needed for Pokémon to evolve into Goodra. Once the Pokémon reaches the next level during the rain, the Goodra evolution occurs, making the upgraded version of the Pokémon available for your team.