How Do You Evolve Pichu?


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The Pokemon Pichu evolves into Pikachu once its Happiness quota reaches 220 or higher and it is leveled up or is given a Rare Candy. In Pokemon video games, Happiness, also known as Friendship or Tameness, is a hidden value that is affected by how the player has tamed the Pokemon. Apart from Pichu, other Pokemon species that evolve by raising its Happiness quota are Golbat, Azurill, Snorlax and Clefairy.

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Pokemon species have varying base Happiness, which is reset each time it is caught, traded or is hatched. Pichu has a base Happiness of 70 points. The following shows how to raise the Happiness quota of a Pokemon.

  1. Party Pokemon
  2. The Happiness quota of a Pokemon increases by one point each time the player takes 256 steps and it is part of the player's party.

  3. Vitamins
  4. Vitamins such as Carbos, Zinc, Protein, HP Up, PP Up will also raise the Happiness quota of a Pokemon, each time the Pokemon is given one of them.

  5. Important Battles
  6. If the Pokemon is fielded during important battles, such as against Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, its Happiness quota will also increase.

  7. Leveling Up
  8. Each time the Pokemon levels up, its Happiness quota also increases.

  9. Getting a Haircut
  10. When the Pokemon is given a haircut in Goldenrod City, its Happiness quota will also increase by 1 to 10 points depending on how it reacts to the haircut.

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