How Do You Evolve Dragonair?

How Do You Evolve Dragonair?

Once you have acquired a Dragonair it can evolve into a Dragonite starting at level 55, although it may take slightly longer if the Pokémon is female or if its affinity is low. The Dragonair is evolved during battle.

  1. Find a Dragonair

    To evolve a Dragonair into a powerful Dragonite, you must first discover one. In the initial Pokémon games, it was only possible to get one by evolving a Dratini, but later installments have allowed you to discover them in the wild. In many cases, you catch them by fishing in various bodies of water with the Super Rod.

  2. Raise the Dragonair to level 55

    It is fairly simple to raise a Dragonair to level 55. The Water-type Pokémon is equipped with some powerful attacks, and the hidden Marvel Scale ability reduces damage taken when Dragonair is afflicted with a status condition. Do not use Dragonair against Ice, Dragon or Fairy-type Pokémon, as those attacks do extra damage.

  3. Evolve into Dragonite during battle

    Once your Dragonair has reached the necessary level, the Evolve option is available during battles. Select it to transform the Pokémon Dragonair into the mighty Dragonite. Aside from trading, this is the only way to get a Dragonite in your collection in all Pokémon games with the exception of Pokémon Black & White.