What Is the Evolution Chain of the Pokemon Purrloin?


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Purrloin is Pokémon #509 in the Pokédex and only has one evolution. At level 20, Purrloin will evolve into Liepard, which is Pokémon #510. They are both "dark" type Pokémon.

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Purrloin can be found at Route 2, Route 3 and in the Dreamyard in Pokémon White. In Pokémon Black, it can be found at Route 3, Route 19 and Route 20. They are considered mischievous Pokémon that steal from people for fun. Due to their cute nature, most people have no choice but to forgive them. Its move set consists of mainly dark and normal attacks, with the exceptions of sand attack, which is ground type, and play rough, which is fairy type.

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