What Is "Ever After High" About?

What Is "Ever After High" About?

"Ever After High" is a line of collectible dolls based on stories from popular fairy tales and legends. The dolls represent the next generation of fairy tale characters as they attend the Ever After High boarding school.

The "Ever After High" story line follows main characters Raven Queen and Apple White as they attempt to discover their destiny. Apple White is the daughter of fairy tale princess Snow White, while Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen. While Apple is content with her background, Raven has no desire to become a villain like her mother.

Other main cast members include Alistair Wonderland, Cerise Hood, Duchess Swan and Ginger Breadhouse. The students of Ever After High are split into two groups: the Rebels and the Royals. While the Royals agree with their pre-determined destinies, the Rebels believe that they should have the power to choose their own futures.

The "Ever After High" franchise also features two book series and a cartoon web series. These provide more stories and details involving the characters' love aspirations, friendships and daily lives.

Toy manufacturing company Mattel released "Ever After High" in 2013, designing it as a companion line to the popular and similar "Monster High" doll series.