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In the computer game "EVE Online," players can mine resources from asteroids, ice blocks, moons and gas clouds for sale or trade. Mining requires a ship equipped with a mining laser for asteroids and special harvesters for ice or gas.

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Mining is primarily done to make money. Players can directly sell the mined ore or refine it into minerals for greater profits once the player's skill at using a refinery has increased.

Asteroid mining is the simplest method with the lowest barriers of entry. It requires no special skill and only the acquisition of a mining laser for tools. New or inexperienced players who have not developed their skills at using a refinery will likely find it more profitable to simply sell the harvested ore directly, as a good deal will be lost in the refining process if the related skill level is too low.

Mining ice belts and harvesting gas is more complex and requires more of an initial outlay for equipment. Ice belts only spawn sporadically and are eventually depleted. Gas cloud harvesting requires a special skill of the same name.

Moon mining is for very advanced players who have access to a player-owned starbase and a set of advanced skills and equipment.

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