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EV training, or Effort Value training, means training a Pokemon to gain Effort Value points for raising a particular stat. Effort Values are similar to points that raise a Pokemon's stat each time it battles a wild Pokemon or a trainer's Pokemon. On top of basic points that are earned by a Pokemon with each battle, it can also gain Effort Value points to make it stronger.

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A Pokemon's abilities are measured by its six stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. These stats increase as the Pokemon battles and levels up every time it defeats a wild trainer's Pokemon. However, each Pokemon have specific strengths and weaknesses. Effort Value training therefore can help a player make a Pokemon stronger in stat where it is weak, or even make it more formidable in an stat where it is already strong.

The Effort Values that a Pokemon can earn is limited to 510 points, which can be spread among the six stats according to the preference of the player. A Pokemon can gain more Effort Value points from battling a Pokemon that is strong in a particular stat. For example, battling a Pokemon that has an inherently high Attack base stat yield more Effort Value points for the player's Pokemon. It is therefore important to train a particular Pokemon in areas where it will benefit the most from additional Effort Values, and not to let the points go to stats that will be of little help to the Pokemon.

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