What Does a Euchre Scorecard Look Like?

What Does a Euchre Scorecard Look Like?

A Euchre scorecard generally takes the form of a table logging the accumulated points of players or partnerships, organized by two data types on the horizontal and vertical axes respectively. These data types vary, but may include game, table, partnership, player or hand number, and can contain subcategories.

Euchre is a trick-based card game in which four players receive five cards each from the dealer and participate in five consecutive plays called "tricks." Players are generally divided into two partnerships of two players each. The player with the highest-ranking card at play according to the game's rules wins each trick, and is able to start off the next trick by placing a card of his choice in the middle of the table.

Each "hand" expires when every player at the table has expended his card. At that point, the team with the most successful tricks in the hand scores either 1 or 2 points. Point calculation in Euchre depends on "trump suit" selection, which occurs at the start of the game. One of the partnerships selects one of the four suits of cards to be the "trump card," which allows cards of that suit to defeat the cards of any other suit in a trick.

While winning a hand normally nets a partnership 1 point, 2 points are granted to a trump-selecting partnership that succeeds in a "clean sweep" of all five tricks or any team that manages to beat the partnership that chose the trump.

As with many card games, the rules for Euchre have many variations. The specifications above only apply to the base version of the game as presented by websites such as Wikipedia.