How Do You Estimate the Worth of a Lladro Figurine?

To estimate the worth of a Lladro figurine, look through books about collecting Lladro figurines, visit the official Lladro website and speak with Lladro Retired Collection dealers. Lladro figurines that are in their original boxes typically have the highest value.

Books such as "Lladro Authorized Reference Guide" by Lladro USA and "Collecting Lladro: Identification and Price Guide" offer a wealth of information on how to value Lladro figurines. These can be bought or borrowed at public libraries. It is important to use the most current edition to get the best information.

Next, the official Lladro website can help to find information on a specific piece. The Historical Catalog page requires users to enter the figurine number, which is usually located at the bottom of the piece. It is also possible to look up a figurine by theme or contacting customer service for additional help.

Dealers in Lladro the Retired Collection can help to estimate the value of a figurine. They can also provide information on the name of the figurine, when it was issued and retired and the name of the sculptor. They may also be able to identify the original sale price of the figurine.

Lastly, a collector website such as El Portal Porcelana offers a lot of information including, a complete catalog, estimated current value and last retail price for each Lladro piece.