How Do You Estimate the Value of a Saxophone?


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The first step in appraising a saxophone's value is to determine the brand and model. Then, try to find out if the model is still in production. If an instrument is still in production and is in excellent condition, it is generally worth around 45 percent of the retail price. If the saxophone is vintage and in excellent condition, it may be worth much more depending on its rarity, its condition and how much demand there is for it.

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Find the saxophone's serial number to determine when it was manufactured. The serial number is generally stamped underneath the thumb hook, just before the saxophone's body begins to curve into the bell. The bell is the flared end of the saxophone. The serial number may also be located on the bell itself, along with the brand.

Rough price guides for vintage saxophones are available from websites such as SaxGourmet.com. Prices vary according to condition, however, and SaxGourmet.com's price guide is based on vintage instruments that are in perfect playing condition.

Resources such as the miBluebook website and the Orion Musical Instrument Blue Book may be helpful in appraising the saxophone, but it can also be useful to investigate online marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist to see how much similar instruments have sold for. A music store or instrument repair shop may also be able to help.

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