What Are Some Essential Wood-Burning Art Supplies?


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Essential wood-burning art supplies include a wood burner, a temperature regulator, a smoke absorber, transfer paper, and a brush or scraper. Other useful supplies include graphite or charcoal pencils, additional burner tips, and heat-resistant gloves. An angled work surface, either a purpose-made wood-burning table or a simple wooden board propped up with a stack of books, makes wood-burning easier on the artist's back.

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An electric wood burner is the most essential tool for this art form. Cheap wood burners are often little more than repackaged soldering irons. More expensive specialized wood burners give better results. A temperature regulator allows the artist to vary the amount of heat the wood burner exerts on the wood, making a greater variety of tones possible. While wood-burning does not generate a large amount of smoke, a smoke absorber ensures that the artist does not inhale any irritating or harmful fumes.

Graphite and charcoal pencils allow an artist to draw her design onto the wood's surface directly. For pre-made patterns, an artist can place an impression of the pattern on the wood using transfer paper. Graphite transfer paper is ideal, as graphite does not bleed into the wood or chemically react with the burner's tip. Brushes and scrapers easily clean any graphite or carbon stuck to the burner's tip.

A skilled wood-burning artist can create any type of texture or pattern using only a basic wood burner tip, but tips come in many different shapes and sizes for achieving different effects.

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