What Are Some ESPN Arcade Games?


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Some of the games available on ESPN Arcade include “Return Man 3: The Season” and “ESPN Arcade Baseball.” Both games are free to play, and gamers don't have to download them.

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In “Return Man 3: The Season,” players take control of the return man on a football team. The goal of the game is to catch the football and make a touchdown without the defense making a tackle. Players use the I, J, K and L keys on the computer keyboard to control the return man. Alternatively, they can use the arrow keys to move the return man around the field. Gamers can also collect the power-ups that are scattered across the field to give themselves an edge.

The score in “Return Man 3: The Season” is based on how far the player returns the ball and the number of power-ups that he collects along the way. He has a limited number of tries to get a touchdown on each level and needs to continuously beat levels to unlock new stages.

In “ESPN Arcade,” players use the mouse to control the batter. The goal is hit balls onto designated targets on the baseball field. Players receive a score based on how close their balls are to landing in the center of the designated targets. The overall score is based on how well they did on all 10 pitches.

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