How Do You Find Equibase Race Results?


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Equibase race results are available for viewing on the Equibase company website. These results can be accessed through the Full Charts Index page by browsing for a designated race track.

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Equibase is an organization that compiles and analyzes horse racing data, which can be accessed by equestrian enthusiasts. The website contains news articles, horse statistics and race results. The Full Charts Index can be accessed by going to the Equibase company homepage and clicking the "Results" button on the top menu. This page allows you to browse through Featured Tracks as well as All Tracks.

The Featured Tracks section pertains to relevant horse racing venues with recent events. The All Tracks section allows enthusiasts to browse through the majority of horse racing venues in order to select their designated track. Next to the name of each track is a list of recent dates for races on that track. Clicking a specific track allows you to browse through their Historical Charts page, and you can select a specific track or specific month and year to determine the search margin. After selecting your margin, click the "Search" button. This in turn displays the results for all horse races within the given bracket.

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