What Is Entrelac Crochet?


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Entrelac crochet is a technique that uses Tunisian crochet stitches, and the finished work is comprised of rows of diamonds. The colors can be switched at the end of each row, which makes this technique simple and attractive for creating lively pieces. Entrelac crochet looks similar to knitted work.

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Crocheting an Entrelac piece involves making a foundation chain, creating the first row of diamonds and then crocheting the following diamonds in between those of the previous row.

Step 1: Make a foundation chain

With worsted yarn and an I or J crochet hook, work a chain row in multiples of 10 plus one, for example, 41.

Step 2: Make the first diamond

Find a loop on the second chain from the hook and pick it up. Count five more chains and pick up a loop from each of them. There are seven loops on the hook. Work off all the loops of the hook as done in Tunisian crochet. Pick up the next five vertical bars and one loop off the next chain stitch. Again, there are seven loops on the hook. Work off the loops. Repeat three times. Loosely bind the diamond off.

Step 3: Make the rest of the diamonds

Pick up the next six chain stitches. Repeat the process of crocheting a diamond from Step 2. Continue making the diamonds until the end of the chain row.

Step 4: Make the rest of the rows

Crochet the next rows in an identical way. The diamonds will be crocheted in between existing diamonds. Alternate colors can be used or each row can be in a new color.

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