How Do You Find the Entrance to the Black Temple in World of Warcraft?


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To reach the entrance to the Black Temple, you must travel to Outland into Shadowmoon Valley and venture into the ruins. The journey is simple if you have a flying mount, and the entrance is also reachable by ground travel.

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  1. Travel to Outland

    Head to Outland. Every faction capital has a portal that takes you to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands, which deposits you in Hellfire Peninsula. You can also take a portal directly to Shattrath from the faction hub in In Mists of Pandaria.

  2. Travel to Shadowmoon Valley

    Shadowmoon Valley lies to the east of Terokkar. If you have chosen between the Aldor and the Scryers, you can travel to the Altar of Sha'tar for Aldor players or the Sanctum of the Stars for Scryer players. If you must travel from Hellfire Peninsula using a ground mount, head to the southwest to enter Terokkar, then turn east on the road at the outskirts of Shattrath. Follow the road southeast into Shadowmoon until you reach the Sanctum of the Stars.

  3. Venture into the Ruins

    Follow the road north from the Sanctum of the Stars. From the Altar of Sha'tar, follow the road south. The Black Temple lies to the east, and a road leads between its ramparts. Follow this road east, avoiding any characters that may be fighting there, until you see a crack in the southern wall with a portal behind it. This is the entrance to the Black Temple.

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