What Are Some Free-to-Enter Sweepstakes With Million-Dollar Prizes?


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Publishers Clearing House and Sweepon.com both offer sweepstakes with prizes up to $1 million, and they do not charge to enter as of 2015. Individuals can enroll in these sweepstakes online.

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Publishers Clearing House was founded in 1953 as a magazine-focused direct marketer offering discounted subscriptions to a broad variety of magazines. The company quickly became the largest magazine circulation company in the nation. In 1967, the company launched its sweepstakes program as a vehicle to drive awareness of its magazine subscriptions. As it grew in popularity, the company integrated the reality-television style of presenting the award to winners in emotional, on-camera episodes.

Today, individuals can enroll in Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes at the company's website, PCH.com. Publishers Clearing House awards a number of prizes but is perhaps most famous for its weekly lifetime prizes, which award a weekly payout over the remainder of a lifetime. As of December 2015, the company is offering a $5,000 per week lifetime prize.

Sweepon.com is a member of the Bauer Media Group, which owns magazine brands such as "InTouch," "Life & Style" and "Woman's World." Through its online marketplace-style website, its offers a variety of prizes ranging from cash to electronics to gift cards and more. However, the prize most prominently advertised on its site is a $1 Million dollar prize. This sweepstakes is free to enter but is not paid out as a lump sum. Rather, the prize is distributed as a $25,000 annuity paid over a 40-year term.

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