How do you enter the Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes?


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As of 2015, U.S. residents may enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes online through PCH.com, through Facebook by liking the PCH fan page and playing rotating games, by mail, or through the automated phone system with a valid customer number. Canadian residents may enter by mail or phone. All participants may enter the sweepstakes and every separate promotion once per day.

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To enter the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes online, visit PCH.com and fill in your name, address and email address. From there, the website takes you through a series of landing pages offering more chances to win prizes as well as savings on magazine subscriptions. Click through to the last page before receiving confirmation of entry into the sweepstakes.

To enter through Facebook, visit the Publishers Clearing House fan page, and find the tab for the current sweepstakes at the top of the page under the cover photo. Click through, and follow the instructions given, which can change between sweepstakes.

In addition to the PCH grand prize draws, which often rotate every two months, players can enter other contests and win prizes through Games.PCH.com, an online arcade with cash and token prizes; Search.PCH.com, where users earn tokens through using the PCH search engine; Frontpage.PCH.com, where users earn tokens by reading affiliated articles; and Lotto.PCH.com, a free daily lotto.

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