How Do You Enter GameShark Codes for Pokemon: FireRed?


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In order to enter GameShark codes for "Pokémon: FireRed" players need to attach the GameShark device to their Game Boy or DS. Once loaded, the player can select preloaded codes or use the option to store a new code.

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  1. Turn on the GameShark

    In order for the GameShark to start when the device is turned on, players need to use a switch on the side of the cartridge. This switch can also be used later to turn codes off midgame if necessary.

  2. Select the option to add a new code

    Scroll to find the option to add a new code using the main menu. The first time players enter in a new code, the GameShark may ask for a "master code."

  3. Enter in the desired code

    Enter in the code for Pokémon: FireRed. Remember that Pokémon codes are different for each version, so players need to use codes that are specific to FireRed. Before pressing the A button to confirm, double check the code.

  4. Name the code

    Players have the option to name their code or use a default name. Enter in a code that is unique so that it can be retrieved easily.

  5. Press start

    Once all of the codes have been entered in, press start to load the game.

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