How Do You Get to Enter Codes on "Madden NFL 10" on a PS2?


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In Madden NFL 10, you can use the “Enter Codes” option available under the “Extras” menu to enter codes with your Playstation 2. Madden NFL 10 has numerous codes that affect gameplay and even interface. Some are humorous in nature and some improve or heighten gameplay.

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  1. Start the game

    Start the game by inserting the DVD into the PS2 console.

  2. Go to "Extras" menu

    Select the "Extras" menu from the available options.

  3. Select “Enter Codes” option

    Once in the "Extras" menu, select the “Enter Codes” option.

  4. Enter the code

    Type the selected code and submit it to activate the desired mode. The code "EGOBOOST" activates Superstar Mode.

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