How Do You Enter Cheats in Stronghold: Crusaders?

To activate the cheat mode in Stronghold: Crusaders, press the Shift, Alt and A keys together while in the main menu. Players may also activate the cheat mode by pressing the Ctrl key and typing TRIBLADE2002 if the first activation method does not work. If done correctly, several cheat codes may be activated while playing the game.

Once the cheat code is properly activated while the player in on the main menu, several cheats will be available for him while playing the game. Pressing the Alt and X keys together gives the player an additional 100 gold and 100 popularity. Pressing the Alt and C keys together allows the player access to all the missions in the game. Players can also start constructing building without the requirement for resources by pressing the Alt and K keys together.

Stronghold: Crusader was released in 2002 by Firefly Studios. The game is a sequel to Stronghold, which was developed by the same company and released a year earlier. Both games share a lot in common except for Crusaders being set in the era of the Crusades in the Middle East. The first installment of the game was set in fictional locations in Europe. Stronghold: Crusader was followed by Stronghold: Crusader Extreme and Stronghold Crusader II. The Stronghold series are designed to be played on the Windows PC platform.