How Do You Enter the Cheat Codes Into "Pokemon Platinum" for the DS?

Pokemon Platinum cheat codes are entered into the Action Replay. There are no other methods for entering in codes. After entering in the master code, players can enter as many codes as they want.

  1. Connect the Action Replay to a computer

    Connect the Action Replay to a computer with Internet access using a USB port in order to download all of the available codes.

  2. Install the software

    Each Action Replay comes with software preloaded to the device. This should auto-install when connected to a compatible computer. Follow the instructions on the screen. Upon completion, launch the software.

  3. Update the codes

    Once loaded, select Software Update. Players must then select the Quick Codelist Update option to receive all of the codes for Pokemon Platinum.

  4. Safely disconnect the Action Replay

    Disconnect Action Replay after the updates have completed, and turn the DS off. Plug the Action Replay back in to the DS, and attach the Platinum cartridge.

  5. Select the codes

    Once plugged in, turn the DS on again. After selecting the Action Replay from the main menu, players are presented with a second menu. Select the desired codes from the menu, and hit Start. Custom codes can also be entered in at this time.