How Do You Enlarge a Sewing Pattern?

enlarge-sewing-pattern Credit: Andy Crawford, Steve Gorton/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

To enlarge an original pattern, determine the difference between the larger measurements and the measurements shown on the pattern. This difference helps to create the new enlarged sewing pattern that fits a bigger person or object.

Enlarging a sewing pattern is a great way to turn a smaller pattern into a plus-size masterpiece. There are a few things needed in order to create the new, larger sewing pattern:

  • The original pattern
  • Pattern paper, such as newspaper or brown butcher paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler, measuring tape or yard stick

Clear a work space and lay out the original pattern. Look for areas of the pattern that show clear measurements. These are located on the arms, legs, torso and waistlines. Take measurements in these areas, and calculate the difference between the pattern and the new measurements.

Trace the old pattern onto the pattern paper, newspaper or brown butcher paper. Using a yardstick or ruler, draw out the extended measurements calculated earlier. For example, if the pattern stops with a 33 inch waist and the new measurement is 43 inches, draw the pattern line out to extend an additional 10 inches.

The final step is to cut out the new pattern, and perform a mock-up to ensure the new measurements are accurate. Do this with the pattern paper or with scrap fabric. Make any adjustments necessary, and note these adjustments on the new pattern. Once the mock-up and adjustments are made, place and cut the fabric. Sew the pattern accordingly.