How Do You Enlarge Pictures Taken on Disposable Cameras?


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To enlarge film photos from a disposable camera, use a scanner with optical resolution settings. Enter in the correct pixels per inch setting according to how large the photo needs to be.

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To enlarge hard copy photos with a scanner, start by placing the photo on the scanning bed and verifying that the scanner is set on optical resolution. Set up the software to acquire the photos at a multiple of 300 pixels per inch. To scan a copy of the photo that is twice as large, set the PPI to 600 and to obtain a copy that is a bigger by 150 percent, set the PPI to 450.

Use the scanner tools and window to preview the image and make any necessary adjustments such as cropping to select the exact areas for scanning. Make sure the RGB color mode is also selected. Now, start the scanning process.

Some software automatically open the scanned photo into an editing program. In this case, use the tools in the editing program to reduce the resolution of the image to 300 ppi. The image size doubles when the resolution is decreased to 300 ppi. If the photo does not open up with an editing program, manually open the file in an editor and follow the same instructions.

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