How Do You Enlarge an Image Without Losing Quality?


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To enlarge an image without losing quality, use photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Gimp or Irfanview. These programs use a process called Fractal Interpolation, which compensates for variations in pixel coloration when images are enlarged.

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Photoshop's Perfect Resize plugin offers the best quality image resizing, but the plugin is not free. For users who frequently resize images, the program's output quality and ease of use make it preferable. To use this plugin, simply navigate to the File menu, select the Automate command and then select Perfect Resize. Choose the new size for the image, apply the changes and save the file.

Images can also be enlarged through a free platform called Gimp, although the quality may not be at par with Photoshop. To resize an image in Gimp, go to the Image menu and then select Scale Image. Enter the desired dimensions, choose Sinc (Lanczos3) as the interpolation mode and click on the Scale Image button.

Irfanview is another free image resizing program, though it only works on Windows operating systems. From the main menu, select Image and then click Resize/Resample. Enter the desired image dimensions and select Lanczos (slowest) as the resize method. Finally, check the Apply Sharpen After Resample and resize the image.

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