How Do You Emboss Velvet With Rubber Stamps?


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To emboss velvet with a rubber stamp, first turn the iron on cotton or wool setting. Place the velvet, pile side down, onto the rubber stamp with the image facing up. Lightly and evenly mist the back of the cloth with water. Place the iron onto the cloth for 10 to 20 seconds. Lift the iron, keeping it parallel to the cloth. The image is now embossed onto the velvet.

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If there are wet spots on the cloth, place the iron on the cloth again for 10 to 20 seconds until they are dry. Wet spots can cause the image to reflect light and often results in shiny spots. First, remove all water from the iron. Then, use an iron that is clean and does not have steam holes on it. If the iron has steam holes, a Teflon iron shoe or iron cover may be applied as an alternative. When the iron is placed on the cloth, move the iron back and forth slightly to get a crisper image. If the cloth sticks to the iron, the iron is too hot. When this happens, adjust the setting and try again. It is best to test this procedure on a test swatch before using the garment; this is so the misting and iron temperature can be adjusted. Using a stamp with a mounting cushion of 1/8 inch gives the best results.

Embossing velvet gives a beautiful sunken iridescent look that has a visual, as well as textural, effect. Embossing images into velvet as been performed since the 16th century. Embossed velvet items often include clothing, such as jackets, household items, including pillows, and accessories, such as purses.

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