What Else Can You Do With Used Books Other Than Donate Them?


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Making book safes and book planters are two things you can do with used books instead of donating them. Both projects require cutting holes into the pages on hardcover books to create a space to hold objects. The safe project creates a sealed-off storage space for small items, while the simple planter project uses plastic over the pages, and is intended to hold small succulent plants.

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To make a book safe, open a hardcover book to the title page, and use a ruler and pencil to mark the area on the page to cut. For best results, leave at least a 1-inch border between the hole and the outside edge. Using the ruler as a guide, cut through the pages, 1/4-inch at a time, using a utility knife. When the hole is complete, brush a light coat of decoupage medium on the sides of all the pages to seal them. To prevent wrinkles, place a heavy object on the book while it dries.

The book planter project is similar, but does not require sealing the pages with decoupage medium. Instead, wipe white glue lightly on the paper edges so that they stick together. Cut a hole in the page with a utility knife and ruler, and then line the hole with plastic. Place soil in the hole, and plant small succulents in the soil. Cover the soil with moss, and then trim the excess plastic with a utility knife.

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