How Do You Eliminate the 200-Millimeter Guns in "Call of Duty: World at War"?

During the "Blowtorch and Corkscrew" mission in the video game "Call of Duty: World at War," one of the goals is to eliminate the 200mm guns. To eliminate the three 200mm guns, throw satchel charges into the bunkers the guns are located in.

  1. Stock up on satchel charges

    If you have already used up your satchel charges, there is an unlimited supply of them next to the pond that you start this mission in. It is the pond in front of the Scoped Arisaka spawn.

  2. Take out the first 200mm gun

    Go west-southwest, and defeat the soldiers there. Then, go northwest to their fortified bunker. Fire a flamethrower through the window on the northeast side of the bunker to kill the soldiers in the bunker. Throw a satchel charge into the bunker. Run a safe distance away, and detonate the charge. The first 200mm gun is gone.

  3. Take out the second 200mm gun

    Follow a narrow pathway south-southwest until you run into a wall. Collect the death card there, and take cover. Defeat the enemy soldiers, and go northwest to the second bunker. Kill the men manning the 200mm gun in the bunker. Throw a satchel charge in, and detonate it.

  4. Take out the last 200mm gun

    Multiple waves of enemies rush out as you approach the last bunker. Defeat them, and clear the bunker with a flamethrower. Get rid of the last 200mm gun with a satchel charge.