What Elements Are Used in Photography?

elements-used-photography Credit: Ken Welsh/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Darren Rowse of the Digital Photography School notes there are many different elements used in photography, including patterns, symmetry, texture, depth of field and lines. These elements of composition help photographers to enhance their photos.

Focusing on patterns in photography helps to make photographs more striking for the viewer, as with a photo taken of multiple apartment residents peering out of their respective windows. Alternately, photographers can make pictures more striking by focusing on patterns that are disrupted or broken.

Symmetry is a powerful element in good photography. Taking a picture with a strong point of interest for viewers and enhancing the symmetry around that point of interest draws the viewer's attention.

Texture is an element of photography that can create a three-dimensional feel to pictures when used correctly. Texture should focus on sources of light hitting objects at interesting angles.

Depth of field is an element of photography that greatly affects the impact a photo has on viewers. Shallow depths of field can be used to isolate subjects from either the background or foreground. This same technique can also give the viewer context by using a larger depth of field to focus on the surroundings of the subject.

Lines are one of the most important elements of photography. Viewers' eyes are naturally drawn to lines, and photographers can use lines to draw viewers' eyes to the focal point of an image.