What Is a Eight-Letter Word That Means Wealthy?

eight-letter-word-means-wealthy Credit: Bloom Productions/Digital Vision/Getty Images

"Affluent" is an eight-letter word that has the same meaning as "wealthy." "Well-to-do" is an eight-letter hyphenated word that also means "wealthy." "Wealthy" is a term that refers to a person having a lot of money.

Other synonyms for "wealthy" are "rich," "moneyed," "prosperous," "loaded" and "pecunious." Other hyphenated synonyms for "wealthy" are "well-heeled" and "well-off." Phrases commonly used to mean "wealthy" include "in the money," "made of money" and "rolling in it." Antonyms that mean the opposite of "wealthy" include "destitute," "poor," "lacking," "needy," "impoverished" and "poverty-stricken." Words with similar meanings to "wealthy" include "comfortable," "better-off," "successful," "flourishing," "thriving," "advantaged" and "privileged."