What Are the Effects of the Blue Flame Swordsman?


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The Blue Flame Swordsman is a Yu-Gi-Oh! card that allows the user to remove the monster card from the graveyard in order to special summon another card from that same player's graveyard. The card summoned from the graveyard must be a warrior-type monster with the fire attribute. Before the Blue Flame Swordsman is sent to the graveyard, the holder of the card can reduce the card's attack points once per battle phase.

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The first part of the card's effect allows the user to lower the Blue Flame Swordsman's attack points by 600 per battle phase on either player's turn. The Blue Flame Swordsman has 1,800 original attack points, which means it takes three turns, from either player, to reduce the attack points to zero.

Another warrior-type monster must be on the same side of the field as the person who controls the Blue Flame Swordsman for the attack point reduction to occur. The targeted card gains the 600 attack points lost by the Blue Flame Swordsman.

The point of reducing the Blue Flame Swordsman's attack points to zero is to encourage the card holder's opponent to destroy the card. Removing the Blue Flame Swordsman from the game to get another warrior-type card occurs after the opponent destroys the card by battle or another card's effect. Bringing back another warrior-type card from the graveyard can recall a valuable monster to the battlefield.

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