What Are Effective Strategies for Solving Word Jumbles?


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To help solve a word jumble or anagram, players can start by looking for common letter pairings, prefixes and suffixes. Focusing on the consonants and rearranging the letters into a circle can also help solve the puzzle.

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What Are Effective Strategies for Solving Word Jumbles?
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A common tip for solving word jumbles is to look for prefixes and suffixes because many words contain them. If a prefix or suffix can be identified, the puzzle has fewer letters that need to be unscrambled and identified. Examples of prefixes and suffixes include "pre-," "re-," "un-," "-ion" and "-ate." Even if a prefix or suffix can be found, the other letters may not create a word, in which case another strategy needs to be employed.

Finding common letter pairings is another simple strategy that can be employed in a similar manner as a prefix or suffix. Common pairings include "ch," "sh," "st" and "tr." A player can identify common pairings and then try to unscramble the other letters around the pair.

If common letter combinations don't help, a player can focus on the consonants, which form the structure of a word. Isolating consonants can help a player identify more unusual letter combinations that aren't immediately obvious.

If a word is long or difficult to unscramble, a player can rearrange the letters into a shape, such as a circle. The new shape breaks up the original order and can eliminate any misleading pairings or sound groupings. A circle helps players to see new and different letter combinations.

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