What Is the Effect of the Injection Fairy Lily?


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The "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card "Injection Fairy Lily" allows the controller of the card to pay 2,000 life points, once per battle, so the card gains 3,000 attack points during damage calculation only. This effect occurs if the card is the attacker or is attacked during either player's turn.

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The effect of Injection Fairy Lily can be used more than once per duel. However, the effect should be used with caution since players start with 8,000 life points. After damage calculation in a battle, Injection Fairy Lily's attack points revert to normal.

Injection Fairy Lily is a level three spellcaster-type monster with 400 attack points and 1,500 defense points. The card was first introduced in 2003 in the "Legacy of Darkness" release, and it has been reissued nine times as of September 2014.

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