What Are Some Educational Games for Fifth Graders?


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Some educational games for fifth graders include "2Bee or Nottoobee," "Bumble Numbers" and "Number Sense HangMouse." Fifth graders can find these games online to play at no cost, as of 2015.

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In "2Bee or Nottoobee," fifth graders get their chance to choose the correct verb form of "to be." Players choose to play in present or past tense form and choose the character to play as in the game. Players see a sentence with a missing verb and choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence. After answering 15 questions, players get the chance to try the other verb tense.

"Bumble Numbers" for fifth graders lets students solve complex addition problems. Players drag their bumble bee up to the wind cloud. Once the wind blows, dandelion seeds fill the air, and players catch the seed with a number attached to it. Players drop the number into the flower with the addition problem on the front that is the correct answer.

Fifth graders get a chance to practice their math terminology in "Number Sense HangMouse." Players select a letter of the alphabet to get all the letters in the word. If they guess incorrectly seven times, the cat catches the mouse by placing claws on the mouse's tail. Each time the guess is wrong, the cat becomes a little more alert.

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