What Educational Games Does EducationCity Offer?


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EducationCity offers a service called PlayLive, which are games for children to build skills in the areas of literacy and math that are played against other children all over the world. Games to help with language and science are also available to both individual students and classrooms.

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EducationCity provides a fun learning environment for children between the ages of three and 12. Planned courses are tailored for each child and can be adjusted to meets the child's educational needs. Courses can also be planned for classrooms to help educators enhance what is already being taught in the classroom. Courses are all in game form, which enhances the experience for the students by making learning fun.

Subject areas covered include math, science and literacy. Foreign languages such as German, French and Spanish are also covered with learning programs and games. The foreign language learning exercises are divided into two groups: Early Years, which is for three to seven-year-olds, and Older Years, which covers the ages seven through 12. For older children, an interactive blog is also available so kids can talk and interact with other children throughout the world. Special education learning modules are also available for use in the classroom and at home.

A program or its individual games can be tailored to match the student's grade level, or customized in the event the student needs extra help or wants to work ahead.

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