How are edible photographs made?


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To create an edible photograph, print an image onto a sheet of frosting using edible inks. This process uses an ink jet printer and inks made from food coloring.

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Print an edible photograph onto a sheet of frosting using either a specialized printer or an ordinary ink jet printer fitted with edible ink cartridges. There are a number of retailers that offer the supplies needed to create an edible photograph, and you can purchase inks made from food coloring as well as frosting sheets designed to pass through a printer. Many retailers also offer edible photograph printing.

Simply upload the photograph you wish to print as an electronic file, and wait for the printer to ship the edible photograph to you. The edible photograph is primarily made from sugars and other starches that are designed to retain their shape so that they transfer easily onto a cake or other baked good. Once you have printed the photograph, carefully place it onto a layer of royal icing or other frosting so that it adheres to the surface of the baked good. Add some decorative frosting around the edges of the photograph to create a finished look. Finally, eat the edible photograph.

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