What Are Some ECooking Games for Girls?


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Some eCooking games for girls include "Shirley Making a Pizza," "Nacho Attack," "Cooking Mommy" and "Granny's Kitchen Cheese Cake," as of 2015. Other eCooking games for girls are frequently accessible on sites such as eCookingGames.com, GirlsGames1.com and CookingGamesClub.com.

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In the eCooking game "Cooking Mommy," the player must help the mother chef prepare different meals, such as cakes, cookies and pies. The game uses perspective to make it appear as if the player stands across the table from the mother. Each level requires the player to prepare a different item by presenting a list of ingredients that she must add to a mixing bowl in a specific order. This is a common method for eCooking games, as real life cooking relies heavily on following recipes in a specific order.

Another common tactic in eCooking games is to focus on a single dish, but they often require the player to prepare each individual ingredient. The game "Shirley Making a Pizza" uses this technique, having the player complete tasks such as chopping meat, spreading sauce and flattening pizza dough. Each step uses a mouse movement to simulate the actual movement. The game "Granny's Kitchen Cheese Cake" also implements this tactic, adding in a timer for preparing each ingredient.

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