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EasyBridge! is a marketing tool designed to increase duplicate bridge club turnouts by teaching people how to play the game, sometimes without their realizing it. The program includes three informational books that collectively teach players everything from the basics to tournament level play, as well as marketing advice and workbooks to reinforce the lessons, as of 2015.

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The EasyBridge! marketing plan involves allowing people to enter the club free of charge and enjoy as many refreshments as they like. They are exposed to the game of duplicate bridge between mouthfuls, and end up getting hooked and becoming paying members of the club. To achieve this result, the instructional books are written in a modern, engaging way, while the majority of the session is spent playing cards (roughly two hours), not going over the rules in minute detail (20 minutes). Should the game begin to feel stale, EasyBridge! offers a number of supplemental materials that should perk it up again.

EasyBridge! pricing is variable, with discounts offered for bulk orders or accredited customers. Bridge players may become accredited by passing an accreditation exam at a major duplicate bridge event. The events attended by the company vary annually. The company also provides study materials to use as preparation for an accreditation oral exam via telephone.

EasyBridge! is affiliated with the ACBL, a national bridge league that determines tournament participants through a Masterpoints system. Only paid ACBL members accumulate points and receive the ACBL magazine, so EasyBridge! sells the benefits of the league to the members of its affiliated bridge clubs. In exchange, ACBL provides EasyBridge! affiliates with instant memberships and allows them to host official league games.

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