What Are Some Easy Do-It-Yourself Crafts?


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Some easy do-it-yourself crafts are fall centerpieces, ombre distressed Mason jars, and do-it-yourself lamp projects. One example is a harvest-themed centerpiece. This centerpiece is long and low, making it the perfect table decoration for autumn dinner parties. It is created using a variety of gourds, pine cones, leaves and apples.

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Another example of an easy do-it-yourself craft is a pine cone arrangement. To create this centerpiece, place a hurricane vase inside of a large bowl and surround it with pine cones. Finish the centerpiece by placing a candle in the middle of the hurricane vase.

To make ombre distressed Mason jars, decide on a paint color, and place a generous amount of the paint in three separate containers. Mix different amounts of white paint into only two of the colors until there are three different shades of paint to create the ombre effect on the jars. Use a foam brush to paint separate Mason jars using each color. When the jars are dry, use sandpaper or a large nail file to sand the raised edges of the jar to create a distressed look.

One easy do-it-yourself lamp project is a literary lamp constructed of damaged or discarded books and a lamp kit. Drill a hole that is slightly larger than the lamp rod through the center of the books. Stack them on the rod until the desired height is reached. Assemble the rest of the lamp according to the lamp kit's instructions. Decorate a self-adhesive lamp shade with pictures or book pages to complete the lamp. Using books that have a specific theme makes it easier to decorate a coordinating shade. For instance, a lamp that uses books about birds works well with a shade covered in pictures of birds.

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