What Are Some Easy Yo-Yo Tricks for Beginners?


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Easy yo-yo tricks for beginners include the sleeper, around the corner and walk the dog. To perform the sleeper, hold the toy in your palm with the string over the top of the yo-yo. Bring it to ear level, unbend your arm, and let the yo-yo roll off your fingertips. To complete this move, let the yo-yo reach the end of its string, and then return it to your hand with a quick tug.

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To perform the around-the-corner trick, first throw a sleeper, and then lift your elbow up to the side so that the string drapes over your upper arm with the yo-yo on the outside. Gently tug the string so that the yo-yo flips over your shoulder and returns to the normal position.

To execute the walk-the-dog move, do a sleeper, and then swing the yo-yo slightly behind you. Let it gently touch the ground, and then allow the spinning motion of the yo-yo to pull the toy along the floor.

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