What Are Some Easy Woodworking Projects Using a Lathe?


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Some easy woodworking projects using a lathe include candlestick holders, baseball bats and napkin rings. Other basic projects include bowls, goblets, cake stands and wooden spoons.

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A wooden spoon is one of the easiest, most basic woodworking projects using a lathe. It requires a piece of untreated wood just larger than the desired size of the spoon. Mark the piece of wood where the center of the spoon is going to be, and then insert it into the lathe. Next, turn the wood on the lathe to create the handle on one side and the scoop on the other. Trim off the extra wood on either side that anchored the wood to the lathe, and finish by grinding out the spoon's bowl using a burr.

Another easy project is a wooden bat. As with the spoon, mark the center of the bat on either end of a piece of wood. To expedite the process, purchase a wood cylinder blank. Attach the wood to the lathe, and rough the wood with a gouge. Turn the wood to shave off more toward the handle of the bat in a tapering diameter. After forming the handle, roll the knob at the bottom of the bat. Complete the bat by sanding the wood and applying a finish.

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