What Are Some Easy Woodworking Plans to Make a Wagon?

Find relatively easy woodwork instructions for building a wagon on popularmechanics.com and howtospecialists.com as of 2015. To create a wooden wagon, create the wagon box, add the running gear, and attach the handle and wheels, as instructed by Popular Mechanics. Lumber, plywood and caster wheels are among items needed to build a wooden wagon, according to How To Specialists.

First, create the 30-inch by 12-inch frame of the wagon with 1-inch by 4-inch lumber; second, attach a 3/4-inch sheet of plywood to the bottom of the frame to create the base of the wagon, as noted by How To Specialists. Next, create and attach eight side rail supports from 2-inch by 2-inch lumber. The side railings are made next from 1-inch by 4-inch lumber. Next, flip the wagon over, carefully align the wheels, and secure the wheels with galvanized screws. Lastly, build a handle out of 1-inch by 4-inch lumber and 3/4-inch round lumber; attach the handle to the wagon.

Finally, look for fill any holes and add wood filler if necessary. If desired, sand and stain the wagon as How To Specialists describes. If a stained look is not desired, apply a latex paint or polyurethane, as Popular Mechanics suggests.