What Are Some Easy Wood Craft Projects for Teenagers?


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Easy wood craft projects for teenagers include building a small step stool with just three pieces of cut wood and crafting a wooden spoon that has a long stem and rounded base. Teenagers can also craft a small wood birdhouse to learn the basics of woodworking.

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Teenagers learning how to cut holes and craft handles can craft wood boxes or large planters with handles cut on the side or holes on the bottom to release water from greenery. Constructing a simple square toy chest or storage box can help teenagers learn how to cut and stain wood and affix bolts, screws and springs into the wood.

A cutting board is a common beginner project for young woodworkers because it involves cutting a slab of wood, sanding the edges and staining the wood. Teenagers may also enjoy building small bookshelves with two or three shelves to learn the basics of woodworking. Bookshelves can be adjusted, stained and crafted to fit a customized area.

An additional beginner project for teenagers includes building a wooden fence. Each slab of wood must be cut evenly and can be customized to include a pointed edge. Teenagers can personalize the fence by sanding the wood and painting or staining it to a desired color.

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