What Are Some Easy Wood Craft Projects for Beginners?


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Easy wood craft projects for beginners are a cutting board and a frame. Make the cutting board from untreated hard wood, such as oak. Using a circular saw, cut a simple design with straight edges, such as a pentagram.

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Wipe any sawdust off of the board. Using a clean cloth and food grade mineral oil, rub the entire board in the direction of the wood grain. Let the board dry and repeat the oiling process three or four times. This cutting board should not be submerged in water or put into a dishwasher. It should be washed by hand and re-oiled every three to six months.

To make a frame for a 16 by 20-inch print, begin with a pine board about 8 feet long and 4 inches wide. Cut two pieces 22 inches long and another two that are 19 inches. Using wood glue, fasten the ends of the two short boards to the inside ends of the longer boards to form a box shape. Push the glued pieces together tightly.

To strengthen the joined areas, hammer two 3/8 inch by 1-inch wood joiners across each seam. Put heavy books on top of each corner, and let the glue dry. Stain or paint the frame.

Trim a piece of foam board so that it is slightly smaller than the frame. Tape the print to the front of the cut foam. Staple the foam board to the frame. Hammer a sawtooth hanger onto the frame's back.

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