What Are Some Easy Ways to Make a European Taxidermy Mount?


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European taxidermy skull mounts are made by first sawing off the animal's antlers and then removing the meat and brain to provide access to the skull. Once the skull is bare, it is degreased and bleached. After it dries, the skull is mounted to a plaque. The mount is complete after the antlers have been reattached to the top of the skull.

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Meat can be removed from the skull in a number of ways. Boiling is one option. Use low heat from a propane stove to simmer the skull until the meat falls from the bone. Remove the skull each hour, and scrape away as much flesh as possible until the skull is bare.

Dermestid beetles can be used to strip meat from the skull. Place a colony of beetles into a box with the skull. Within days, the beetles consume the flesh. Dermestid beetles can be harvested at home or ordered through beetle keepers.

Power washing is another method of removing flesh. Mount the skull to a board, and wear protective clothing. Aim a power washer with a rotating nozzle at the skull, and turn it on. Low pressures are recommended for deer skulls. Larger animals may require increased pressure.

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