What Are Some Easy Ways to Earn Coinz on Meez Other Than Playing the Games?


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There are a few ways to earn coinz on Meez besides playing game. One way is to use the "daily boost" icon. This icon can be found next to the player's username. If the player clicks on the icon he or she will be given a certain amount of coinz, which is the Meez currency. The player can claim the coinz from the "daily boost" icon once a day.

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Creating an account on Meez is an easy way to receive a large amount of coinz. When a player creates an avatar he or she will receive a total amount of 2500 coinz, as well as 250 coinz more once the player validates his or her email address, as stated by Big How. Once the player's account is set up, he or she can then style the Meez in the MeezMaker with the free 2750 coinz.

A player can also choose to purchase coinz. To do this the player can click on the "add coinz and cash" icon on the menu at the top of the screen, explains Big How. Players need coinz to purchase clothing items, accessories, as well as backgrounds and items to decorate his or her avatar's virtual room.

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